DOGGY DAYCARE TRAINING includes you as the pet owner and myself working as a team. We go over what commands and goals you have for your dog. I work with your dog for 5 days a week for an hour. With a focus on the goals, you want to be accomplished. 


  • Loose leash walking

  • Not being reactive/crazy on the leash

  • Calmness

  • Riding in the car

  • Recall/come command

  • Meeting guests/no jumping

Our clients will not only have access to our on-site training but also online as well through our official Facebook group dedicated to trainees.

This private group page will include exclusive content that will help your dog's progress.

Click the link below if you are one of our trainees.

BREED: Weimaraner 

AGE: 4 Years

OWNER: Eytan Shander

STORY: Ace is a very sweet and very highly active pup that still has had prior training in order for him to listen to simple commands of his owners. 

Unfortunate the training was unsuccessful in its execution.

The owner needed more help to assure ACE is able to obey and socialize with others including both humans and dogs.

Eytan began seeking the help of Esther who began training ACE to obey commands and to much success ACE is now able to do so within just 19 days of the initial start of his training. 

Here is a video of that training.