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Here are some comments about the quality that

Esther's Pet Care Service provides clients

Esther has been coming to our home to cut our cat’s nails for about a year now.  We are so thankful for Esther.


First, to have someone come to our home is so much less stressful not only for our cat, Mia, but for us.  Mia is a rescue cat who does not like to travel, so we are all relieved that Esther comes to Mia rather than the other way around. 


Second, Mia has made it very clear that she does not like having her nails cut, but Esther has a way with her.  She allows Mia to take breaks, is very soothing, and definitely works with Mia. 


Finally, Esther returns calls promptly and has always arrived at the agreed upon time, which we all appreciate.  I would not hesitate to use Esther for other cat services as they arise or to recommend her to others.

Dana Lightman

EPCS Client


Esther takes wonderful care of our cats, who show their affection for her right away when she comes over. When we were out of town for two weeks in March, Esther, knowing we missed our cats, sent us emails and photos of the cats to keep us close and up to date with them.


I'm glad Esther has vet tech training and experience; it came in handy when our newly adopted cat needed medicine.


Esther is thorough, caring, intelligent, professional. I would recommend her highly for pet care!


Carol Bowers

EPCS Client

University City


Need a pet care specialist?  Esther Cheeves is a compassionate, qualified, and trustworthy professional who cares for pets in your home.  The pets are happy in their environment and they are comfortable while you are away.  It is a blessing for us to know that Esther will be there when we are at work or when we travel. We met Esther at Rau when she cared for our first dog Murray. 


She was his pet sitter during his senior years and he needed extra TLC.  Murray was such a sweet and appreciative dog who loved Esther unconditionally.  She walked with him at his speed, heated his food and sat with him while he ate, and loved him like her own. When needed, she gave him injections and medication. We always felt a deep sense of gratitude for her care as we knew he was in expert hands. (Rau did an amazing job helping us care for our 15.5 year old little guy.) 


When it was time for a new puppy, Esther cared for Chase from the time he was only 8 weeks old.  Chase loves Esther and literally jumps for joy when he sees her.  She was great in coaching us how to care for a new puppy as it had been many years since we had a little fur ball who was so full of energy. 


Chase looks forward to Esther’s visits. If I’m home during a day that she doesn’t come, Chase waits by the door for her.  Chase sees Esther as a member of the family and I cannot think of a better recommendation that that. Esther offers so much love to your pet but she also brings her nursing background and pet training expertise.  Esther can watch your pet for short or extended times. 


She is highly trustworthy with your pet and your home.  She is the ideal person to stay in your home for an extended period of time if you are traveling.  Esther has also cares for our 19 year-old parakeet Romeo (seriously, he’s a rock star) while we have been away too. 


She offers to water plants and other housekeeping items if you are away for a few days.  We could not be happier with the care and great communication that we have with Esther.  We receive updates after she’s walked Chase and we hear about his adventures.  Her care is affordable and you’ll know your pet is happy. 

Angie Corbo

EPCS Client

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