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I started this business because I want to help owners care for their loved ones. The bond between humans and their pets is part of our everyday lives. Making sure they are cared for while you are away is very important.


This bond is so important to me that when I couldn't find a qualified pet sitter to care for my senior dog with medical issues, it concerned me.


My goal is to provide your pet with their normal routine in their home environment. This could be daily walks or an overnight stay. No matter what their need is, they will be spoiled and loved.


Garth is a Jack Russell Terrier Mix. He is up-to-date on all of his vaccines. He also takes monthly flea/tick and heartworm prevention. He has passed puppy class, basic obedience, and level 1 classes. He will be starting agility classes soon.


Garth is the mascot of Esther's Pet Care Service and P.E.T. CORE Fitness. He comes with me on all overnight stays and dog walking. He is perfect for one-on-one play dates or walking/exploring with your dog. 



Garth has helped me with the following issues that many clients/dog owners have:


1. Socializing shy/ dog aggressive dogs: Having Garth walk/play with dogs has brought confidence to shy dogs and trust to dog aggressive dogs.


2. Dog walking manners: Garth has helped me teach many dogs to walk better on a leash.


3. Improve everyday manners: Having Garth do commands and get rewarded, shows your dog that they too will get rewarded and praise for learning/improving their commands. Commands are done through playing games. 


4. Dog exercise vs Dog and human exercise: Nothing wears your dog out more and gives them complete joy like playing with another dog friend. Garth can match a high energy dog or a senior dog's energy level. Being with another dog friend is a joy that is different than being with a human. 


5. All my clients love Garth and the ability that I can provide both human/dog interaction and dog/dog interaction. 


Garth and I look forward to helping you with your pet care needs. 


If you have any further question regarding GARTH, feel free to CONTACT me.

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