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Find out what people think about the P.E.T. CORE FITNESS workout and see the results for yourself.

I just want to thank Esther for giving me the chance to better myself through your training and guidance. It's been working wonders I could cry! I feel so good about myself. I've noticed a big difference since when I first started. Here's proof:



Even my dogs get enjoyment out of my workout routine. They get to go on two ten minute walks one before for my warm up and one after for my cool down. Calvin needs to burn off his crazy jack Russell energy and sassy Cassie gets to enjoy the weather in her old age. Keeping her bones and heart strong.  


Melissa did the 30/30/30 challenge in January! Started to see changes from exercising/walking her dogs for 30 min a day! Decided to do a full 12 weeks and see what results she could accomplish! As she finishes up her 12 weeks she has almost lost 30 lbs! That's 10 lbs a month by eating right, working out with me and getting outside and exercising with her dogs! 

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