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I started training Chris about 1 and 1/2 years ago. Most clients come to me wanting to lose weight and get lean. Chris came to me needing to gain weight, build muscle, improve his balance and have enough strength to do everyday activities. He was recovering from multiple health issues. He had several min-strokes that landed him in the hospital. Once there he was told that he had diabetes, increased blood pressure and cholesterol and decreased potassium. Chris also had previous athletic injuries from being a football player. Throughout his recovery, Chris was motivated and determined to get healthy and build his fitness level back to what he knew he could accomplish!

We started with exercises focusing on balance and functional movement. For cardio he joined his wife in walking their two dogs. For, he was still not able to walk unsupervised because of balance issues. However, holding the dog's leash was helping him to stabilized himself. Also it was quality time with his wife and their dogs!

After several months we added in the stationary bike and resistance band workouts. As his balance improved and his strength increased, he was able to increase the difficulty of his workouts. Hand weights, medicine balls and balance boards were added in! On non workout days, (his active rest days) Chris still continued to walk their dogs with his wife.

For the New Year Chris wanted to accomplish a 5K walk! In addition to his workouts with me, I put together a 12 week walking program to appropriately build his mileage up. Depending on the distance he had to do, Chris would map out a route that he would do 2-3 times a week.

A yearly tradition for his family is to walk the Tillman Foundation Pat's Run/ Walk, a 4 mile walk! Last year Chris was unable to join his family. This year was completely different! This year it was an amazing experience! Not only did Chris accomplish the walk, he ended up walking 5.3 miles total (had to walk from the parking area to and from the race) with out stopping!

Chris's accomplishments just keep going! He is now taking up swimming! In the fall, outdoor biking is the next adventure along with other walking events! Fitness is part of living and Chris is living life!

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