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My Running Partner

Almost 13 years ago I met my favorite running buddy. I was blessed to be able to rescue my dog Griffin. He came into my life at the young age of 4 months. We went through obidence school and he got his Canine Good- Citizen training. After that accomplishment he was ready to start running with me. We started simple with a walk, jog system. Then as his body got use to running and he was older, we were able to enjoy running several miles together. Running together was an activity that both of us looked forward to.

Griffin is now enjoying his senior years of life. He still gets excitied when I put on my running shoes. He no longer runs with me, however he now does a warmup walk with me. Then he rests while I go for a run. When I get back he does a cooldown walk with me. Griffin will always be my fitness buddy.

I became a personal trainer to help people and their pets live a healthy and fit life. As with any exercise, you are always changing and improving. Moving toward a healthier life style with your buddy is an amazing experience!

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